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Video Production & Scripts

McGowan Communications has a long track record of producing high quality, engaging video content for a range of clients in the mechanical and building services industries including Airmaster Australia, AIRAH, BAC and others.

As well as distilling often technical subject matter for broader audiences through well-considered scripts and storyboards, we partner with leading videographers, editors and presenters to achieve outstanding results.

Airmaster & Chadstone Shopping Centre

Capturing events, conferences, seminars and presentations is part of the modern media mix, and McGowan Communications is proud to have produced many high quality, engaging event videos for a range of clients including AIRAH, Muller Industries and others.

And no matter the location, we partner with leading videographers and presenters Australia-wide to capture your event.

AIRAH Future of HVAC Conference

Complementing our Media Releases and PR, McGowan Communications offers high quality, engaging news and publicity video content suitable for a number of mediums including television news distribution and social media.


We also regularly produce in-house training video content for clients in the mechanical and building services industries

Airmaster & Croydon Community School

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